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  • Doc’s Custom Calls

    DT Model (left) and Suzie (Right)

    It was late this past summer when I got my hands on Doc’s newest call, the DT Model Acrylic. Doc had been working on a new insert with hopes of creating a true non-stick acrylic call. I think he has finally done it. For a long time Doc used a narrow reed with his calls that helped, but this new insert seems to be the best solution yet. I can’t go into detail about the inserts design but it works. You can take a call and fill it with water, shake it and blow away. Just to test it a little further I ran one full of water, shook it out, and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. With a couple of puffs it was blowing again.

    The Sound
    The DT Model and Suzie produce very similar sounds. Both have a very nice ducky raspy. They produce a great acrylic ring if tuned for competition or an outstanding “Suzie” sound for meat getting. Even though the calls sound similar they don’t blow the same. They take different volumes of air. The either call can be easily picked up and blown, but to me the Suzie is the sweetest. It just feels great blowing it and it is very light hanging on your neck.
    These files should open in Windows Media Player. The quality of the files has been reduced somewhat to help with download times, but I think you can still tell these are pretty good sounding calls.

    Sound Files

  • Combo
  • Hail Call
  • Comeback Call
  • Quack
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    4.8 Quacks
    As I have always said you can’t beat Doc Hull, he is always looking for a way to make his calls better and help you be a better duck caller. He is always happy to help and will to make a call to fit your exact specification. There aren’t to many guys left out there that still hand make every part of their duck calls, but Doc does. Doc makes some of the easiest blowing duck calls on the market, you can’t go wrong investing in one.

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